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Lalee Necklace

Jay Paramesh beaded beaded beads crystals DIY dubai gold handmade nchantme Necklaces paramesh pearls seed beads swarovski

Gold Souk in Dubai is a dazzling place. While strolling through the souk with no intentions of buying, I saw unbelievable displays of jewelry made with gold, diamonds, and precious stones and occasionally silver. I even saw a couple of street hawkers selling gold jewelry. Most of the designs were large and not really my thing. But there were some that caught my eye. One of them was a long, 3 strand necklace dripping with Gulf pearls set in 22kt gold. The shopkeeper even let me try it on! I loved the design though the length and price at $17,000.00 was...

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Bead and Button Show 2013

Jay Paramesh Bead and Button show bead jewelry beaded classes crystals Earrings handmade jay jayashree paramesh nchantme.com Necklaces pearls seed beads

“So many teachers, so many classes!” This is what is going through my mind as I look at the catalog that arrived in the mail last week. As one of the teachers, I am excited about the opportunity to see numerous creative designs and meet the artists. While teaching at the show will keep me busy, I am planning to learn something new from many talented artists at the show. Bead and Button Show is being held at the Delta Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and May 29-June 10 2013. I have started working on getting the kits together, making new color...

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Rosette Necklace

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Stained glass is one of the most beautiful forms of artistic expression. When I say ‘Stained glass’ think cathedral windows! I have seen large cathedral windows with ornate designs framed in geometric patterns in red, green, blue, yellow and white glass and when the light shines through, it is a wonderful sight! Recently, I saw pictures of ‘rose windows’ in Italy and France and wanted to capture the brilliance and complexity of these colorful mosaics in a unique piece of jewelry. Well, a few days later, I made the final version of ‘Rosette Necklace’. Rosette Necklace is like a six-pointed...

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Silk Road Chandelier Drop Earrings

Jay Paramesh brick stitch chandelier drop crystals drop Earrings green handmade jayparam orange seed beads Silk Road

Silk Road Chandelier Drop Earrings Wonderful patterns and colors have been the hallmark of silk carpets for centuries. If you are looking for color combinations that blend harmoniously together, then you need to look no further! A silk carpet or rug is all you need to decide your color palette. I started laying out several tubes of beads and crystals in matching colors on my favorite silk rug. Soon, there were at least two dozen colors and I had the difficult job of selecting only a few. Looking at the colors in front of me, I knew what I wanted...

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Pagoda Necklace

Jay Paramesh asia crystals delica dimensional gift gold handmade jayparam necklace Necklaces pagoda pagoda necklace pearls peyote ruby swarovski

As a lover of all things ancient from distant lands, my favorite visits have always included places of worship be it temples, churches, mosques or gurudwaras.  The architectural beauty of these buildings makes them stand out from rest of the structures around them. Once you enter you are overwhelmed by the use of ornamentation of every sort. It could be colorful tiles, use of gold and gemstones, intricate carvings all along the walls, beautiful paintings depicting the religious stories, the high ceilings or breath-taking stained glass windows. Add to this the sweet smell of flowers and incense, haunting music, rhythmic...

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